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Founded in 2001, our first product was the very popular Charms Office Assistant - web based management system for teachers. We quickly expanded into state-wide contest management for Texas and Illinois.

Today our expertise extends to other web-based management systems, offered to the public as well as to organizations. We also provide our development and hosting services to other companies for private projects. We're fortunate enough not to have to take every job that is offered. We take only the ones we like.

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Dorian Business Systems, Inc.

Web Based Database Software

About Us

Dorian Business Systems, Inc. was founded in 2001 to create the Charms Music Office Assistant (as it was then known). Charms was conceived to fill a need - music teachers needed a better way to manage and organize their libraries, student records, inventory, and parent communication. After a full year of development, Charms was beta tested in the fall of 2001 and released to the public at the Texas Music Educators Association conference in February 2002.

Interest in and adoption of Charms grew and development continued. Today the Charms Office Assistant(renamed in 2009) is recognized nationally as the premiere web-based software for all fine arts teachers, with nearly 7000 active schools, over 25,000 active users, and close to 1,000,000 student records.

Dorian developed the program in 2004 to help the UIL Region Secretaries organize, schedule, and manage their UIL events as well as enter ratings and prepare state reports. Today, every secondary music teacher in Texas either uses the program or Charms to prepare and submit their contest entries.

Success with the Texas UIL system led to interest from other state organizations. In 2005, Dorian developed the Illinois RNS (Registration, Nomination, Selection) system. Every participating music teacher in Illinois uses this system to register their students for All-District auditions. Each of the nine District Presidents uses this system to record audition results and select members for the All-District performing ensembles. The state administrator uses this system to select students for the All-State Ensembles and process payments from each of the member schools.

We also provide management systems for counties in New York State, contest management systems for the NYSSMA festival process, the Connecticut Music Educators Association, the Michigan School Vocal Music Association, and more.

We are a small, family owned company based in the Dallas, TX area. All our software solutions are coded in house without outsourcing. We provide top notch technical support. We don't accept advertising on any of our products, and do not use any invasive tracking mechanisms.

Our Expertise

  • mySQL Database
  • Classic ASP
  • IIS
  • User Interface
  • JavaScript
  • Client Service

Dorian Business Systems, Inc.

Web Based Database Software

Our Work
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  • Illinois RNS - state-wide management system to Register, Nonimate and Select students for the All-District and All-State festivals.
  • Michigan Vocal Music - state-wide management system to manage district solo & ensemble, choral, and state festivals.
  • NYS Music Fest - Solo & Ensemble Scheduling and Management System for New York
  • Connecticut Music Educator's Association system to schedule and grade all-district and all-state auditions.
  • Essential Elements Interactive - The world's best selling method books goes online with a built-in recording studio and much much more!
  • Socorro ISD Art Festival - A custom application to help the Socorro, TX school district manage their annual art festival

Dorian Business Systems, Inc.

Web Based Database Software

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Dorian Business Systems, Inc.

Web Based Database Software

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